Welcome to my world

Welcome to the lightweight meanderings of a recreational cyclist. ‘Lanterne Rouge’ is, as you probably know, the name given to the last-placed rider in cycling’s Tour de France. It translates as ‘red lamp’ and originally referred to the tail light that was positioned on the last carriage of a railway train. Its use in the name of this blog relates to the fact that as an unfit and modestly overweight recreational cyclist, I am commonly overtaken by the lycra-clad representatives of the local cycling clubs here in Aberdeen and Deeside.

A red lamp is also used by those residual photographers that still use film and continue to develop and print their own pictures. I do that too, in black & white, so the ‘Lanterne Rouge’ soubriquet resonates there as well. Fortunately, that is as far as the ‘red light’ analogy goes in my household, or at least I hope it is 😉

This isn’t aiming for a large readership, just a few will do; former Facebook friends for example (I had 18 by the time I quit!). I hope you enjoy it.

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