This is the second of my dog’s poems, this time derived from a well-known poem by John Masefield. I was introduced to Masefield’s Cargoes when at school and was immediately struck by our teacher’s rendition of it – I think that’s why I’ve since felt that poetry is best served as a performance art rather than being read quietly to oneself.

Doggerel, by Callie Bordeaux

Graceful hound from far Afghan, a coat of finest silk.
Bounding stately hunter with a prey-driven eye.
Canine on the catwalk
With looks personified.
Aloof, detached and dignified, your head held high.

Princely Leonburger with a stylish mane of gold,
Rearing up, your coat of arms has history so royal.
Strong-but-gentle giant,
Symbolic of your State.
Lushly-coated Teuton, both playful and loyal.

Bustling border collie with a hard-set stare,
Darting in. Springing back. Giving them the ‘eye’.
Nipping at an ankle,
Rounding up the flock,
Following the whistle’s call: “Ready lass! Come-bye!”