Occasional Limericks Only #47

The Battle of the Bulge…

Readers may recall that I’d injured myself last year during a gym class, although it was unclear as to what I’d done. If anything, it was likely to be a hernia, but not in the usual place and nothing ‘bulged’ down below that wasn’t supposed to; nevertheless, something was wrong.

I then had successively a CT scan, a colonoscopy and an ultrasound scan, only the latter of which suggested that something may be amiss, and even then it was speculative. Anyway, I was recently recalled for a six month follow-up scan to be carried out by a specialist groin sonographer (who knew that I had a specialist groin – I didn’t!).

It took much longer than anticipated, but the sonographer finally found it. As I engaged my core she found the site where something bulged and then disappeared when I relaxed. She even showed me the ultrasound screen in real time. Interestingly (for me at least) the bulge did not break through my abdominal musculature, so, apparently, I don’t have a hernia. I just have, err,  ‘something’.


So, borrowing from Douglas Adams’ concept of a trilogy in four books, here is the fourth limerick of my Abdominal Trilogy…

A sonographer said that she thought
Her patient was just overwrought
‘Cos a muscular base
Kept his innards in place
So he really should not be so fraught!

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