Occasional Limericks Only #44

What lies beneath…

Eight months after injuring myself at the gym when following an errant trainer’s instructions, my lower right abdominal injury has ‘sort of’ resolved and I can do most gym exercises again, although there remains a residual dull ache in the affected area.

Having undergone a CT scan and a colonoscopy, the latter due to a red flag raised by the former (fortunately a false alarm), I’ve most recently had an ultrasound scan in the hope that it might be more successful than the CT scan in identifying what’s wrong.

Unfortunately the ultrasound scan was also inconclusive; there was nothing obvious, but a vague indication that there may be something amiss. During the scan I was asked to engage my core and then ‘release’. Apparently there is a muscle ‘rebound’ on release and my rebound over the injured area was not quite as rapid as would be expected and that may be indicative of a tiny hernia. There’s a degree of clutching at straws with that kind of conclusion and I’ll be called back for another ultrasound scan in six months to see if there has been any change for the worse.

The good news from all of this is that I’ve had a pretty good abdominal MoT over the last few months. I seem also to have impressed the sonographer during the ultrasound scan. Apparently, I engage my core really well and I was told that a lot of people can’t do that. I guess that my ability in that regard is due to the core exercises that I do at gym classes; an incongruity being that it was a misguided and ineffective core exercise that led to the injury in the first place – a rather unfortunate irony!

Anyway, here’s the last limerick in my abdominal trilogy…

An ultrasound scan didn’t show
The cause of his pain ‘down below’;
He still needs to consider-a
Breach in his viscera
‘Cos something’s amiss even so!

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