Occasional Limericks Only #48

Nice buns!

Readers may recall a number of posts and limericks in the past that tried to promote the Gray’s School of Art short course exhibitions in Aberdeen. Sadly, Covid put paid to both the courses and the exhibition, but last year Gray’s made tentative steps to reinstate some of the classes, if not the exhibition. All of which means that I have taken and printed some more old-fashioned, B&W film photos. My favourite is a view of ‘Waves’ (see below)

‘Waves’ comprises a pair of figures overlooking the Aberdeen Sports Village running track. One of the figures is atop a curved pedestal and the other at the foot of one. The installation is the work of Steinunn Thorarinsdottir, an Icelandic sculptor, and was unveiled in November 2010 . A complete view of the work taken from the Codaworx website is shown here…

‘Waves’, by Icelandic artist Steinunn Thorarinsdottir. Aberdeen Sports Village

I wanted to take a pic on a similarly sunny day with fluffy white clouds, and to use a red filter to darken the blue skies as a contrast to the clouds. Initially I was disappointed that the cloud comprised a band low down in the sky rather than appearing as light and airy cotton-wool balls, but nature knew best and the pic turned out better than I could have wished for.

When it was printed at Gray’s, I made a jocular comment that you could tell it was appropriate for the Sports Village, as the statue was, well, statuesque with firm buttocks. In a conversational meander (that I am prone to) I then recounted that one of the Village’s gym team had once commented to me that only women turned up to her ‘Glute Camp’ exercise class. I suggested that if she wanted any blokes to turn up, she should rename the class ‘Buns of Steel’. Thus, in an instant, my photograph had its title!

Here’s the limerick:

An athlete who trained with great zeal
Thought his glutes lacked a certain appeal
So he did lots and lots
Of Sumo stance squats
And that’s how he got buns of steel!

…and here’s my pic:

‘Buns of Steel’. Digitised image from a B&W analogue print.

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