A limerick a week #71

He’s just let the sun go down …

So, Elton John has told the world that he’ll be through with touring after his next three-year world tour. At the age of 73 he will then be able to spend more time with his young family.

Personally, I’ve never been quite sure what to make of him. I like his music and clearly he’s massively talented, successful and a great showman, but seemingly prone to any number of hissy fits when things don’t quite please him or go his way. I wonder how that will play out when ensconced full-time with a pair of pre-teen kids?

… or as Philip Glenister said playing the character of Daniel Cotton in ‘From There to Here’: “I’m NOT angry; I’m just permanently IRRITATED!”

Actually, the news is full of his strops – just Google ‘Elton John hissy fits’ to see what I mean. Indeed, his partner David Furnish made a movie of some of Elton’s ‘little moments’ and humorously called itĀ Tantrums and Tiaras. Furnish clearly has tener cojones!

I only once heard him perform live; it was in July 2003. I was in Bergen in a hotel on the opposite side of the harbour to Koengen, the city’s outdoor venue where he was appearing. Even in those circumstances you could tell he was a cut above as a musician; shame he’s also such a Prima John-a!

So, here’s the limerick …

Elton’s just broken the news
That he’s finished with paying his dues
To the music that flowed
Down the Yellow Brick Road
And that’s why he’s singing the blues!