A limerick a week #47

A mandate for the pub

The Graun reports that the east London LGBT community of Tower Hamlets has lost seven of its ten gay bars to residential development in recent years. So, after a spirited campaign by local activists, the planning authority made it a condition for the redevelopment of one such venue, The Joiners Arms, to include a pub that remained focused on the LGBT community.

The report added that to make sure this is achieved in more than name only, the Mayor of London’s office “will send an inspector to make sure it is gay enough”.

I have to admit to chuckling at that so here’s my take on it:

I’m here as the Council Surveyor,
And I’ve popped by just now to convey a
Planning consent
With legal intent
That will make your new bar a bit gayer!

Meanwhile, I have no idea how the planners intend to quantify ‘gayness’. The mind boggles …


… hot off the press …

It seems that the developer’s plans are on hold. As reported in today’s Graun:

Council rejects redevelopment proposals for LGBT venue Joiners Arms

Campaigners hail decision as victory after plan is turned down on grounds that it does not go far enough to ensure viability of replacement ‘queer space’

Good for them!