A limerick a week #101

ALAW has previously quoted the actor Philip Glenister’s line in his role as Daniel Cotton in the TV series From There to Here:

I’m NOT angry; I’m just permanently IRRITATED!

That quote pretty much sums up my current humor when at work these days.

It’s not a question of me looking at the past through rose-tinted spectacles (my ‘good old days’ were peak-Thatcher and all the ills that brought down upon public sector science), but of senior leaders failing to recognise the ills brought about by their handling of the organisation over the last decade and their blinkered view of the present.

C’est la vie, but at least I no longer carry that irritation with me outside of work. Or do I? I’m sure others will tell me😉

Here’s the limerick…

It’s not, as has oft-times been stated,
A fact that I’m infuriated.
It’s rare that I’m angry
Or even quite cranky
And (sometimes) I’m not irritated!


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