A limerick a week #127

🎶Land of Grope and Tory🎶

I have the unfortunate privilege of being represented in the UK parliament by Ross Thomson, a young conservative MP who has appeared, on more than one occasion, to show himself unsuited to public office.

As reported by The Scotsman:

  • His ‘off-duty’ antics while on a supposed fact-finding mission to Iraq deeply offended families of soldiers that had been killed there while on active duty;
  • He considered a clearly hoax smartphone app called “instantgrammes” to be something that seemed to make ordering class 1 drugs online “sound cool”;
  • He was obliged to pay back a travel and subsistence claim in which a friend stayed with him overnight at a hotel at taxpayers’ expense. This took place after discussing “possible employment opportunities [with his friend], which was followed by a drinking session in Edinburgh”.

Since then he has been escorted by police from the Stranger’s Bar in the Houses of Parliament over allegations of drunkingly groping other revellers, something he denies.

Although no action was taken subsequently by the police or the House of Commons authorities on that occasion (because no-one concerned had made a formal complaint) the latter may now take action over an earlier incident as an official complaint has since been made by a Scottish MP concerning that previous episode of alleged inappropriate behaviour.

According to the Daily Record, the complainant “was frustrated at what he saw as Mr Thomson’s denials about his behaviour [about the most recent allegations]”.

Meantime, the locals are revolting…

Here’s the limerick:

One cannot escape the furore
Or the lewd and libidinous story
‘Bout an errant MP
Whose downfall we’ ll see
In the heart-Land of Grope and Tory!

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