A limerick a week #130

Three cheers for the Ides of March!

Or should that be Three cheers for the marchers of March? I’m hugely encouraged by today’s ‘strikes’ by school pupils globally protesting against climate change. Of course the usual suspects will be up in arms about the kids missing a day of their education, but, frankly, if you are not educating youngsters to think and act for themselves, then your educational system is not up to very much, is it? Conversely, if you are educating them to be independent thinkers, with an eye on their futures, then don’t complain as and when they take action against the very real threats that exist as to their future.

So, here is a shout-out to Generation Change and its efforts to promote social action by young people. Or, as a primary school teacher, Richard Russell, wrote in the Graun: “The lessons infantile adults can learn from children go far beyond climate change“.

Whilst opinionated b******s may sneer,
I’ll personally raise a loud cheer
For the youngsters whose action
I hope will gain traction:
To live sans a climate of fear.

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