A limerick a week #133

Mission impossible…

Following last week’s treatise on vision and mission statements, this week’s limerick continues the theme in more salutary fashion. Just like the previous one (The Sort-of-Serious One) this week’s ALAW outlines the difference between a vision and a mission, but it also usefully reminds you that you need staff buy-in as well, otherwise it’s entirely pointless; much like the corporate bol**cks to which the narrative for ALAW #132 refers.

So here is the second of my ‘Vision and Mission’ competition entries of yesteryear (for readers south of the border, pish is used here in the Scottish colloquial sense and not as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary!):

The Salutary One

A Vision’s an overall wish
That a Mission seeks to accomplish,
But if they fail to enthuse
They are bugger-all use
And amount to a whole load of pish.


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