A limerick a week #135

A blonde walked in to a bar…

“Ouch!”, it was an iron bar!

I have two favourite jokes. The longest standing one is:

… and now to the football results. Real Madrid: 1, Surreal Madrid: Fish!

It’s no coincidence that it involves word play as that’s the kind of thing that I really like. My other favourite is one that I heard for the first time about 10 years ago. It, too, involves word play, but is also non-PC and ‘blonde-ist’; however I can’t help finding it funny, so please indulge me:

A blonde went in to a bar and asked for a double entendre…

… so the barman gave her one!

Okay, so you didn’t laugh or you’ve heard them before, but there is a reason for introducing them, the second one at least. That is to show the inspiration behind the last in my series of limericks inspired by Vision and Mission statements. This was my final entry to a senior colleague’s request that we provide a Vision or Mission statement in the form of a limerick. It leans heavily on the tradition of Britain’s Carry On film franchise of the 1960s and 70s, and is also the on that got me disqualified from the competition…

The ‘Carry On’ One

My boss is the facilitator
(Or should it be ‘originator’)
Of a Mission to define
A Visionary rhyme
So I’ll ponder and give her one later

Postscript: It’s Good Friday and I was amused by Tom Gauld’s view of one of the modern-day Easter traditions. Unlike his realisation of Werner Herzog, below, I did manage to return home eggless (for the simple reason that I’m still on a weight loss campaign and I know only too well that if I got one I’d scoff the lot – including the sweeties in the middle).

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