A limerick a week #145

Shooting from the hip(ster)

Firstborn came out with a sentence on holiday that, had I heard it 20 years ago, I would have assumed to be from a foreign language: “An uber-hipster barista”. How Millennial is that! (Hint: almost as Millennial as using an exclamation mark instead of a question mark at the end of the previous sentence.)

Such a phrase shouts out to be included in a limerick, but that turned out to be easier said than done. Here goes…

A lass drank latte with her sister
‘Cos sometimes it’s hard to resist a
Caffeine-based brew
That gets espressed through
An uber-hipster barista!

Postscript: if it’s difficult to get the meter right in this one, then try saying ‘latte’ as ‘la-tay’, with emphasis on the first syllable. The last line could also do with an extra syllable, for example, ‘An uberly-hipster barista, but then that wouldn’t match the original quote! (Having to define the meter of a limerick is to admit failure every bit as much as having to explain a joke to someone that just didn’t get it – still, I tried.)

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