A limerick a week #151

A flash in the pan!

An article in the Metro’s online news website amused me this week, reporting as it did on a lightning strike in the United States. The thunderbolt resulted in an explosion that destroyed a family’s bathroom after it struck their septic tank and ignited the methane gas that had accumulated within it.

According to the Metro, the building’s entire plumbing system was destroyed by a flashover travelling through pipework into the house. The lavatory pan shattered and ceramic shrapnel damaged the bathroom walls which led the householder to declaim “I’m just glad none of us were on the toilet.”

All of which brings us to this week’s ALAW in a tasteless homage to topicality and current events…

With his bowels in a volatile state
He endured a combustible fate.
When their contents unloaded
The dunny exploded.
It must have been something he ate!

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