A limerick a week #154

On thin ice…

Firstborn tells me that following an ice skating session, she discovered that unbeknownst to her something had ripped both her leggings and her, ahem, undergarments – torn in a fall, perhaps?

Fortunately, her modesty and dignity were preserved in equal measure by the skirt she was wearing as a top layer. Just as well, really…

She was struck by the ice skaters’ curse
And fell, but things soon got worse
(Or so she alleges)
When the razor sharp edges
Of her skates took a slice ‘oot her erse’.

Postscript: Wholly unrelated to this week’s theme, but my puppy, Bordeaux Callie (@calliebordeaux), has been off-colour with ‘the runs’ this week. Still, it inspired this bonus ALAW:

I’ve a wee collie pup who is grand
But her bowels just got out of hand.
So as decreed by my spouse,
She’s now barred from the house
‘Cos my bonzer dog’s doo-da is banned!

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