A limerick a week #169

It’s interesting that the prospect of being served caviar, the roe of female fish, sends some folk into paroxysms of gustatory delight whereas the thought of eating cod milt (male roe) usually evokes a rather different reaction (for the record, I’d avoid either!).

‘Disgust’ was apparently the reaction in a recent segment of James Corden’s Late, Late Show. Former paramours Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner were obliged to ask each other ‘awkward’ questions. The forfeit if Styles refused to answer Jenner’s question was to sample a plate of cod milt.

Decision time for Harry

Styles chose to forfeit when Jenner asked which of the songs on his last album were about her.

Decision made!

But I have a question too. Most people think of ‘roe’ as fish eggs, so I just wonder how many people have enjoyed cod roe as a kind of caviar for the proletariat without realising that if the product’s packaging said ‘soft’ roe, then what they were buying was, in fact, milt?

Just asking!

A girl that he once used to date
Challenged Harry to eat something he’d hate.
So he went at full tilt
And ingested the milt
Of a codfish served up on a plate.

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