A limerick a week #17

Not long ago in a galaxy very close to home …

I was sorry to hear of Carrie Fisher’s death. I hope they write her out of the Star Wars franchise and don’t resort to a CGI impersonation otherwise it tells the world that she was ephemeral to the rôle she took; just a collection of molecules that could be replaced by some bits and bytes fed into a GPU. She was a lot more than that.

She was sassy: “Instant gratification takes too long“.

She was brassy: “We treat beauty like an accomplishment, and that is insane. Everyone in L.A. says, ‘Oh, you look good,’ and you listen for them to say you’ve lost weight. It’s never ‘How are you?’ or ‘You seem happy!'”.

And she was classy: “I don’t want my life to imitate art, I want my life to be art“.

She was also wise (in between the excesses of her life): “Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die“.

There’ll be some that may shed a tear
When the news reaches them and they hear
That Carrie had died
And the world is denied
The ‘spark’ that empowered Princess Leia.

Fisher gently explains to George Lucas know that if she's made to wear 'that' bikini again, she'll also be wearing his testicles as earrings.
Fisher gently explains to George Lucas that if she’s made to wear ‘that’ bikini again, she’ll also be wearing his testicles as earrings.

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