A limerick a week #232

When nature calls…

I was amused to read this week of a woman who got more than she bargained for on a wilderness weekend away in Alaska.

She was staying with friends in a yurt with an outside ‘dump through’ latrine (gross!), but when she answered nature’s call she found that nature answered back, and in an entirely unexpected way.

In fact, she believes that she was bitten en bas a l’arrière by a bear when she parked her bum on the latrine seat!

The bear may have entered the latrine’s ‘humous chamber’ through an unsecured hatch and found it to be a cosy den for the winter (also gross!).

Park rangers believe the bear was not fully hibernating and swiped at the descending fundament rather than biting it, but fancy that, a privy with an automatic bottom wiper!

Here’s the limerick:

A young woman was once overcome
By the need to disburden her tum,
But the lav was outside
And she got a raw hide
When a bear bit her right on the bum.

And, for once, it’s anapestically correct!

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