A limerick a week #249

Flood? I Noah guy…

According to Weird News in the online Metro newspaper:

An international incident of biblical proportions has kicked off on Ipswich’s waterfront.

A replica of Noah’s Ark is currently stuck there because it doesn’t have the correct paperwork to say that it is seaworthy.

The vessel arrived at Orwell Quay in November 2019 and has been detained there for 18 months by the Coastguard.

The Ark. Impounded due to seaworthiness regulations

The purpose of the original Ark was  of course, to wipe out humankind apart from Noah and his immediate family. This was because God had become disenchanted with folk as they had become corrupt and had corrupted the world as well.

The ‘build’ instructions were clear: 450ft long, 75ft wide and 45ft high with three decks, a roof and a door, all coated in pitch both inside and out. Oh, and made from Cypress wood!

No mention of paperwork or seaworthiness there. Clearly there was less bureaucracy in Biblical days (and given we have Noah’s three sons and their wives to thank for re-populating the entirety of humankind, neither was any thought given to the genetic perils of breeding within the degrees of consanguinuity)!

The Ark in happier days

To allow all his beasts to embark
Noah found somewhere to park,
But the vessel was grounded,
In fact ’twas impounded,
As a much-less-than-seaworthy Ark!

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