A limerick a week #45

I’m Kirk Douglas!

Something went awry with my budget at work last week. A lump of money that should have been allocated to my group hadn’t been and, due to a change in the budgeting process this year, we can’t track where the specific error arose. It could have been my fault, the fault of other group leaders in the team or the fault of my boss.

Any error would have been inadvertent, and I can’t conceive how any of the above could have made it. So kudos to my boss who reported the problem and accepted blame as the budget responsibility was hers. Very noble. Too noble in fact, so I also emailed the high and mighty to fully explain the issue and take responsibility because I had not checked my entries after others had amended the master worksheet. My boss emailed back immediately:

I’m Spartacus!

… which made me laugh and inspired the following:

A mistake in the budget quite startled us
But the esprit de corps was just marvellous
For we both took the blame
For the budgetary shame
By yelling out loud that “I’m Spartacus!”

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