A limerick a week #88

What a Carry On, Demelza…

Things have been rather quiet on the Poldark and Demelza front for a little while. Until now, that is. For what has become very much a two-lead show, Eleanor Tomlinson, who plays Demelza, has expressed the very reasonable wish to be paid the same as Aidan Turner who plays the scything six-pack that is Ross.

It was fair, she said, that Turner got paid more at the start because he was the big-name draw, but now, after three series, she felt she had earned parity. I agree and not just because I’m biased as a time-served member of Team Demelza (see posts passim)!

How about this headline for starters?

The production company argues otherwise as Ross has more screen-time than Demelza. That sounds like a post hoc, poorly made up excuse to me. They might as well have said Turner gets paid more because Ross has more extra-marital couplings than Demelza. ‘Tis utter b******s, and neither I nor the rest of Team Demelza watch the show because of Aidan Turner’s cumulative-time-on screen (or out-of-wedlock trysts)! ‘Fair pay for Eleanor’ I say (or, as the late-lamented Sid James would have said: “Demelza’s not getting enough!”).

Which reminds me, it’s limerick time again:

While Poldark is strutting his stuff
Like a diamond that’s cut from the rough,
It seems really unfair
To get more than his share
While Demelza gets barely enough!

Carry On Demelza (with apologies to Carry On Doctor)…

Ross: You may not realise it, but I was once a weak man.
Demelza: Oh, don’t worry. Once a week’s enough for any man!



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