A limerick a week #91

Czech-ing out one’s ancestry

I occasionally get out for a social meal along with a few photography chums, but you would hardly believe how difficult it can be to arrange a date that five people can make.

So, a while ago I introduced the group to Doodle and its eponymous Doodle Poll. It’s a bit easier to make arrangements now, although still tricky even on the rare occasion that everyone actually completes the poll!

Why am I telling you this? Well, I recently reminded the others of a poll that needed to be completed.

A subtle hint for recalcitrant Doodlers!

Not that it helped, and I’m still waiting, but someone did at least respond, saying: “We should call you “Phil the Poll” which, given my (literal) Bohemian background, led to this:

When I read it, I thought “What the heck?
The lad’s got a really brass neck
And turned into a troll
‘Cos he called me a Poll
When he knows it’s not Polish – IT’S CZECH!

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