World cup woes. ..

Life is short? So are our footballers!

Gordon Strachan, Scotland’s current football manager, has recently added a cracker to the pantheon of lame excuses for his team being not good enough.

Apparently, “Technically we’re fine, but our guys have to work harder to get on the ball than bigger lads at six foot three. … What I do know is that genetically we are behind … Genetically we have to work at things. It is a problem for us.

Hmmm, I suspect he may be the butt of a few jokes as a result of that.

Jokes did I say? Well guess what? Irn Bru has stepped into the breach by re-issuing a seven-year-old advert on Facebook in which a lassie fae Dundee sings a lullaby to her bairn claiming to have “done the deed” with a Brazilian chap to enhance the gene pool of Scotland’s footballers.

Or as Irn Bru trolled Strachan: “Let’s make babies with Brazilians (like we said way back in 2010)

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