A limerick a week #56

Take me to your leader …

Political groupings don’t consider everyone to be leaders within their ranks. They-who-are-to-be-led look for leadership from the top and plus or minus some back-stabbing debate, they then follow their leader whose charisma is such that they carry their troops with them even if the journey they undertake is perilous. (Aye right😂)

Which brings me to the Conservative party’s ‘strong and stable’ UK government and its ragtag coterie of political drones whose idea of collective responsibility appears to be that of Caesar’s assassins. How can we define its leadership?

Here’s the limerick:

In her recent political homily
Theresa May be an anomaly.
‘Cos she claimed “strong and stable”,
But, in truth was just able,
To show that she’s both “weak and wobbily”!

(BTW, I do know it’s spelled ‘wobbly’ and I also know that “strong and stable” was an election phrase and not a party conference outpouring. Please, give a chap some literary licence!)

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