A limerick a week #142

One-a-penny, two-a-penny…

Viewers of Eurotrash, Channel 4’s late-night and off-beat look at the seedier side of European culture that aired in the UK in the mid-1990s, will remember the strangulated tones of Antoine de Caunes’ archetypical French-accented English.

“What tonight’s celebrity doesn’t realise is that just because you’re a celebrity doesn’t mean you have talent and just because you have talent doesn’t mean you’re a celebrity. But when you have both it’s pure magic. Enough about me…”

They may also remember that the sight of oiled-up, bronzed and supine-but-topless Riviera bathers brought to his mind the image of some rather overdone fried eggs; imagery that is equally applicable nowadays to the bearers (barers?) of both boobs and moobs (although the latter is not what de Caunes had in mind).

Unfortunately, it is a visual epigram that is hard to forget, moreso given the sights on show when walking along the bay in Puerto Pollença, Mallorca, in early June as we have just done en famille.

Firstborn posited that, perhaps, the French feminised les croques ‘monsieur’ into les croques ‘madame’ through the simple expedient of adding a fried egg on top! Anything’s possible, I suppose 🙂

Another beachside visual epigram that is hard to shake off comes courtesy of the English comedian Harry Hill, who once observed that, when viewed par derrière, the prevalence of thongs amongst sun-worshipping beach-goers left him hankering after a hot cross bun or two.

Hmmm! Thanks for that Harry. You can blame him for this week’s limerick…

A young man when out for some fun
In the heat of the Mallorcan sun,
Snuck some brazen wee peeks
At the unadorned cheeks
Of a lass with a tanned hot cross bum!

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