A limerick a week #160

Open wide… 

My four-month-old border collie pup (@calliebordeaux) has started teething. In fact she has just lost her first tooth in a puppy play fight with a five-month-old spaniel called Molly.

Her lower right canine has since gone missing in action!

The two pups meet regularly on their morning walks and seem to take it as read that they’ll have yet another scrap until they finally settle which of them is the higher ranked. I suspect Callie will prevail as, to quote Molly’s owner, “She’s a feisty one, isn’t she?”.

There once was a young border collie
Who thought it would be rather jolly
To battle it out
In a no-holds-barred bout
With a spaniel puppy called Molly

… and there it was, gone!

(All fights were play fights and no pups were hurt in the writing of this limerick!)

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