A limerick a week #161

It’s all gone to the dogs

Another puppy-related limerick, I’m afraid.

We have a huge secure field in Aberdeen at Hazlehead Park, known locally as the dog field. Dogs whose recall is a bit iffy can safely be let of their leads to run and play with other dogs without the risk of them running onto roads or towards non-dog-loving people.

Usually the dogs all get along and enjoy play fights and just socialising generally. Occasionally, though, one or two get a bit uppity,

One, a huge goldendoodle called Dudley, is just a bit too boistrous for my pooch, Callie, who tries to hide from him. Yesterday, Dudley nearly got his come-uppance from a grumpy labrador called Ollie – Dudley had gone a bit too far. Fortunately it was all bark and not much bite, if any.

Here’s the result…

A goldendoodle called Dudley
Turned out to be not quite so cuddly
He was so full of pep
That the slightest misstep
And it all could have ended quite bloodily.

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