A limerick a week #203

Make mine a Corona

So, we ventured south from Aberdeen to see the Matriarch in Kendal.

We did so a day before details of the Scottish city’s booze-enabled coronavirus outbreak emerged and we head back there in a couple of days to a city that is now in lockdown.

Aberdeen’s Rabelasians and homonyms don’t mix!

And it’s all because some folk are selfish enough or arrogant enough or ignorant enough (or all three) to dismiss infection controls as irrelevant to them. Meantime, they (and others) forget or don’t care that drinking alcohol lowers inhibitions and leads to bad decisions about the need to maintain social distancing. So they crowd together in queues or head off on pub crawls.

Well, who’d have thought it?

Punters queuing at Prohibition in Aberdeen

There once was a virus that spreads
So fast that everyone dreads
To see in the news,
The crowds and the queues
Of some socially clustered p**sheads.

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