A limerick a week #213

Tiers of a clown…

So, Boris Johnson and his UK government continues with its impersonation of a headless chicken trying to grasp at straws whilst dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. His ‘world beating’ test and trace system has risen to the giddy heights of having had only “a marginal impact” unlike, say, Germany’s which has been much more successful.

And now we have a new flagship policy by way of a tiered approach to local lockdowns. It’s a policy that has set the north of England against the south and one that northern leaders are refusing to support or communicate to the affected populations; indeed, Manchester’s mayor has stated that he will not let the region’s people be canaries in the coalmine.

So much for a flagship policy! It may prove to have beneficial attributes, but the way that it has been developed and enacted has been counter-productive to say the least. Conversely, it may have an unfortunate historical resonance with Henry VIII’s flagship, the Mary Rose. It sank with the loss of hundreds of lives. Only time will tell.

Johnson’s policies all at sea?

I think a limerick is called for…

A sagely scientist appears
To have confirmed the worst of our fears.
He said with a shriek
“We’re all up s**t creek
And it’s bound to end up in tiers!”

Postscript: Having left this week’s limerick to the last minute, I am obliged to Firstborn for suggesting ‘tiers’ as a theme around which it could be based. Parental acclamation radiates from me 😆

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