A limerick a week #214

🎶Only shades of grey🎶

A younger friend has just posted a picture of himself on a group WhatsApp chat, bemoaning the fact that his beard “is getting a lot of grey in it now”. Well, Aamir, old mate, that’s life (and don’t I know it)! And this is the limerick…

A pogonophile was once heard to say
He was sure that there’d come a day
When he looked at his beard
And t’would be, as he feared,
An image in ten shades of grey!

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😎 - Former scientist, now graduated to a life of leisure. - Family man (which may surprise the family; it certainly surprises him). - Likes cycling and old-fashioned B&W film photography. - Dislikes greasy-pole-climbing 'yes men'. - Thinks Thea Gilmore should be much better known than she is. - Values decency over achievement.

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