A limerick a week #243

Bringing up the rear (again)…

I’m not quite sure where this week’s ALAW comes from. Maybe it’s that I’ve not been away on holiday for a while and the last one, June two years ago, was a holiday in Mallorca that inspired ALAW#142.

Anyway, here’s a corresponding limerick to that one, with the lascivious rôles reversed in aid of ALAW gender balance…

There once was a lass from Mallorca
Saw a bloke whose butt was a corker
When she first made a pass
She felt quite an ass
Which, really, she shouldn’t have ought ter!

Postscript: Yup, I know. It’s the third time I’ve used ought ter as a rhyme; the second time it’s been done in association with shouldn’t have; and this week it’s not even a true rhyme, but, hey, throw me a bone! You try writing 240+ limericks without any repetition and with 100% perfect rhymes🤪


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