A limerick a week #40

So much for Lincoln 2 …

So, Daniel Day-Lewis is about to retire. The man with three ‘Best Actor’ Oscars has decided that enough is enough. A shame really ‘cos he’s far from washed-up, but it does tempt me to list the actors of whom I’d like to see less (much less).

How about: Sylvester Stallone, Vin Diesel, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mel Gibson, John-Claude Van Damme, Nicolas Cage (absolutely Nicolas Cage!), Steven Seagal, Demi Moore, Charlie Sheen, Orlando Bloom and, sadly given their recent output, Johnny Depp and Robert de Niro.

Anyway, this is about Day-Lewis, so here goes:

The actor that made ‘My Left Foot’ is
Retiring (but not out of hubris).
So to go with his fame
He’ll now have a new name.
It’s Daniel “I’ll-Call-it-a-Day” Lewis.


Now why didn’t I think of that!


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