Quotes that made me laugh #35

Oh no, it’s BoJo!

A few years ago, in a televised interview with Boris Johnson, Eddie Mair, a BBC presenter, deflated the current UK Foreign Secretary’s superficial buffoonery and set out some less-than-flattering instances of his behaviour.

Subsequently, at the start of this month, Johnson laid into what he contended to be the BBC’s bias when selecting its audience for the UK election Leaders’ Debate: “the most left-wing” he’d ever seen. (Incidentally, this was the debate that his party leader, Theresa May, refused to take part in presumably because, to borrow Margaret Thatcher’s phrase, she was “Frightened? Frit? Could not take it?”)

So, given the back story, yesterday’s radio interview that reunited Messrs Mair and Johnson was always going to be ‘a bit tasty’. And it was. It soooo was. I’d go as far as saying that it was the audio-equivalent of a bacon roll from Warwickshire’s Hatton Locks Café!

In an exchange that showed it was not only when bedding women-other-than-his-wife that Johnson loses control of his briefs, Mair skewered him on the policies within his party’s new legislative timetable. When, after a point that he couldn’t answer, BoJo tried to return to an earlier question that he had similarly failed on, Mair eviscerated him (figuratively, of course) and it is his quote that made me laugh:

“Well why don’t we do the questions in the order I’m asking them? It’s not a Two Ronnies sketch, you can’t answer the question before last.”

Postscript: BoJo was apparently the UK’s most popular politician a couple of years ago, his buffoonery clearly out-weighing any mendacity that Joe Public may have seen (although more insightful folk were always aware of the smokescreen behind which lay a different reflection). As The Poke’s website states: “Mair once called him as ‘a nasty piece of work’. Now he’s an ill-informed one”.

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