What’s in a name?

Sizergh Castle is a National Trust property near my childhood hometown of Kendal. I’ve known of it for decades and always thought the family that owned it from the 13th century until the 1950s was the Stricklands. However, I now know differently, at least for the latter years of the family’s history.

It seems they adopted a double-barrelled name in the 20th century. Consequently, this line from the family’s Wikipedia entry rather amused me when considering the phenomenon of nominative determinism:

“Their first daughter married Henry Hornyold [and] became known as Mrs Hornyold-Strickland …”

A Hornyold-Strickland

I could write the script myself …

Libidinous gentleman: “I say m’dear, are you one of the Hornyold-Stricklands?

Prim young lady: “Oh no, sir. I’m chaste. ‘Tis my sister I think you’re after.

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