A limerick a week #46

Are you ready yet?

As you get older there can be times when you realise that you have well and truly inherited some of your parents’ traits.

The most obvious example for me is that just like my dad, I get a bit wound up when travelling if the rest of the family aren’t packed and ready to leave at the appointed time. The words stressed and grumpy may even apply!

So it was all very interesting this week when Firstborn told me that she gets a bit stressed herself if the folk she is travelling with leave things to the last minute. Nevertheless, the disdain in her voice was a bit uncharitable when she then blurted out: “Oh my God – I’ve turned into you!“.

If we set off late then we knew
The pressure would rise till you ‘blew’
And we’d all get the blame,
But now I’m just the same.
OH MY GOD, DAD! I’ve turned into you!

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