A limerick a week #61

In at the deep end  …

Years ago, a friend mentioned that he’d told his wife about an uplifting insight he’d had about some issue or other, to which she replied (in a broad northern accent with vowels wide open) “Oh, John, don’t be so deep!”.

I thought about that when my inamorata told me she didn’t follow the links in my blog because I went into things too deeply. (Meantime, my dear old mum lost interest in it because I used too many long words!).

So I was amused to see this cartoon from an Aberdeenshire-born artist, which seems to sum up my domestic readership:

… and the same domestic readership inspired this week’s limerick:

Your essays can put me to sleep,
Hence a rule to which you should keep.
‘Cos it’s really a slog
To plough through your blog.
So from now on just don’t be so deep!

Postscript: I’m not deep, I just sank to the bottom (plus I have internet access)😎

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