A limerick a week #78

A race to the bottom…

(Readers of a sensitive nature look away now!)

A few years ago I was surprised to see a sticker in the toilet cubicles of a German research institute. It comprised a humorous cartoon that illustrated the purpose and use of a lavatory brush and it made me wonder what had happened that obliged it to remind its staff and visitors about basic lavatorial hygiene.

Since then it’s been alarming to know that my place of work has, on occasion, had to resort to posting notes in cubicles to remind colleagues and visitors to leave the ‘facilities’ in the condition they would expect to find them.

So it was of concern recently to read an institute-wide message that re-iterated the need for lavatorial cleanliness and, thus, this week’s limerick hit the fan. It initially comprised part of a poster that I pinned to my office door (to much critical acclaim); however, I took it down on learning that the ‘incidents’ in question were not simply of inconsiderate use, but something more sinister and worrying.

Anyway, here’s the poster and limerick…

Patent pending!

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