A limerick a week #79

How discomknockerated I am!

So, Sir Ken Dodd has died at the age of 90. There’s been enough media tributes paid to him since he ‘passed on’, so I shall add only a soupçon.

I don’t think there is anyone else that could have succeeded with his outrageous defence against criminal tax evasion charges yet retain such widespread popular affection, let alone be knighted subsequently. What a guy! And what a funny man.

In a way, it was the constant stream of jokes that got you laughing. On its own, this is amusing, but no more: “By jove, missus! What a wonderful day to run to the Kremlin and knock on its door and ask ‘Is Lenin?’“, but in the midst of an avalanche of one-liners, it made me laugh out loud.

Anyway, I tried to encapsulate his humour (and tax affairs) in this week’s ALAW. I couldn’t manage it with just one limerick so I resorted to two.

The first is a bit contrived to fit in to Dodd’s “By jove, Missus!” routines that usually expressed “What a wonderful day it is to…” before being rounded off with “How’s that for a…”. (Dodd’s humour was in filling-in the gaps in a surreal way).

Here it is:

By jove, Missus! What a wonderful day
To look in a coffin and say:
“It’s short of a body,
So let’s stuff it with Doddy!”
How’s that for a new hideaway?

and here’s t’other:

By jove, Missus! What a wonderful day
To knock on a coffin and say:
Is this the one Ken’s in?
‘Cos I think I’m sensing
It’s not cash that he’s now stashed away!

Sir Ken. Not just a clown-come-tax-evader, but also a reflective scholar of humour. He made me laugh (a lot).

Tatty Bye!

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