A limerick a week #83

Liar, liar …

I can’t be the only person to view recent outpourings from the UK’s Home Secretary to amount to more than the mere sophistry and weasel words that we’ve come to expect from politicians. Perhaps the strategy adopted across the pond of openly telling lies to a receptive audience of rednecks has an appeal for her.

I don’t normally quote at length from newspapers, but the following paragraphs from two recent Graun articles certainly point the finger.

First we read that:

The hostile immigration environment Theresa May set out to create when she was at the Home Office was regarded by some ministers as “almost reminiscent of Nazi Germany” in the way it is working, the former head of the civil service, Lord Kerslake, has said.

And then that:

Amber Rudd privately boasted to the prime minister that she would give immigration officials greater “teeth” to hunt down and deport thousands more illegal migrants and accelerate the UK’s deportation programme, a leaked private letter has revealed.

… and then:

Rudd set out her “ambitious” plan to increase removals and focus officials on “arresting, detaining and forcibly removing illegal migrants” while “ruthlessly” prioritising Home Office resources to that programme.

The aggressive language and tone of Rudd’s approach to immigration enforcement emerged after the home secretary attempted to blame officials in her own department for the Windrush scandal in which it emerged up to 50,000 mostly Commonwealth migrants were facing possible deportation despite having lived in Britain for decades.

Illegally deporting legal migrants and then blaming civil servants for carrying out the policies that you have aggressively engineered?

That’s not telling the truth … ‘pants on fire’, methinks!

There was a young man from Jamaica
Left his home in order to make a
Difference to the Brits
But the ungrateful gits
Years later said : “Leave! Or we’ll make ya!”.

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