Occasional Limericks Only #10

In a mad world, only the mad are sane – Akira Kurosawa

The pic below is of a Hillside Dalbury mini-campervan conversion by Hillside Leisure based in Derby. It’s price in 2016 when new, would be ca. £28k.

The model, below, is also a Hillside Dalbury mini-campervan (new in 2016 as well) and is for sale, second hand, in 2022 with 31,660* miles on the clock…

Any guesses as to the asking price? 

Well, it is currently advertised by Harbour Creek Motorhomes for £33,995! That’s nearly £6k more than its original price (model specs are similar).

Seemingly, it’s all down to a shortage of semiconductors for new vehicles, Nissan’s decision to cease production the NV200 a couple of years ago (it’s the Dalbury’s base vehicle) and the so-called ‘staycation’ boom. But … even allowing for any discount on the used van’s purchase price, say £2k, it appears that the world has gone mad!

Here’s the limerick…

A campervan buyer was heard
To complain that things were absurd.
Supply and demand
Had got out of hand
And his purchase would now be deferred.

* the mileage has been excluded from the advert since I first saw it – don’t ask me why!

Postscript: ‘No’, I’m not selling mine!

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