Occasional Limericks Only #21

From Bar To Barre…

I passed by my former workplace this morning and was intrigued by the appearance of a neighbouring harbourside pub to which we occasionally retreated in bygone days; it having been closed since the summer of 2016.

Campell’s Bar then

A closer look revealed that despite hosting a bar since the mid-19th century, it is now a dance academy!

… Campbell’s Bar now!

Just think of the possibilities were its former and current functions merged…

If life seems a little banale
Don’t just sit there and grumble or snarl!
Soft-shoe the Shim Sham
And knock back a wee dram
At a harbourside taproom locale!

Postscript: For non-tappers out there, the Shim Sham is considered to be the ‘national anthem’ of tap (being a bit of a pedant, I can only assume it is the tapping sounds that are anthemic rather than the dance!). In fact, my tap group has just begun to learn it, and you can see what it (or its variations) look like here. The reason for the ‘freezes’ when danced the second time through is because you don’t dance the breaks a second time. Simples … if only!


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