Toned and in the buff

So, as ‘Management’ told the kids this evening, when we first met I was “toned and buff”. I’ve news for her – I’m still the same, just different …

Then …

Toned: give greater strength or firmness to (the body or a muscle).

Buff: in good physical shape with well-developed muscles.

As in: “Ladies, do you find toned and buff men attractive?

Then: Toned and buff #1
Then … (aye, right!)


Toned: harmonise with (something) in terms of colour

Buff: a yellowish-beige colour

As in: “His skin had the buff tone of an ageing manila envelope
Now: Toned and buff #2
Now …

It’s a sair fecht 🙁

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😎 Former scientist, now graduated to a life of leisure; Family man (which may surprise the family - it certainly surprises him); Likes cycling and old-fashioned B&W film photography; Dislikes greasy-pole-climbing 'yes men'; Thinks Afterlife (previously known as Thea Gilmore) should be much better known than she is; Values decency over achievement.

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