A limerick a week #167

The actress formely known as Demelza…

Anyone who is familiar with the tosh served up in this blog will be aware that I batted for Team Demelza in the maelstrom that was her relationship with Ross in TV’s most recent serialisation of Winston Graham’s Poldark novels (I even once managed to find a rhyme for ‘Demelza’ for one of the ALAWs).

Like a lot of TV productions it went on for one series too many, particularly as the final run was not based on Graham’s writings, but upon an interpolation of events that bookcased a gap in the timeline of Graham’s stories. Nevertheless, I was concerned to see that the newly-invented storyline obliged Demelza to frown just as much as she did in the earlier series. I wonder if Eleanor Tomlinson, who played Demelza, would rather her next TV role generated laughter lines rather than fixing for eternity Demelza’s  knitted brow!

Tomlinson as Demelza. A performance not to be frowned upon!

Which brings me to the BBC’s new adaptation of H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds. The series’ show-writer, Peter Harness, is on record as saying that it is “not massively faithful” to Wells’ book. “Not massively faithful” – a bit like Ross, then, in his relationship with Demelza – and, “yes”, its heroic, newly-minted and independent lead, Amy (for Tomlinson is she) frowns rather a lot too. Well, if your world was being invaded by extra-terrestrials, I suppose you would.

I’ve only seen the first episode of The War of The Worlds, and I’m struggling to come to terms with Demelza-as-Amy. Tomlinson’s striking looks and the shared independence and resilience of her character portrayals make one wonder just how the heck Demelza ended up in early-Edwardian Surrey after last being seen in late-18th Century Cornwall!

Tomlinson as Amy. Still frowning after all these years!

Please, I would ask, do not blame me
When I say that it’s all cockamamie
The red hair’s the same,
But not so her name
‘Cos Demelza has turned into Amy!

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