Occasional Limericks Only #8

Bliar, Bliar, Pants on Fire…

It is worth reflecting that the week in which we learnt of the death of Nobel Laureate and Archbishop Emeritus of Capetown, Desmond Tutu, is also the week in which we learnt that the former UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair has been honoured with the highest possible rank of knighthood, as a Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter.

It is estimated that between 750,000 and 1,000,000 people protested in London against Blair’s war and many tens of thousands more throughout the rest of the UK

In 2012, Tutu withdrew from the Discovery Invest Leadership Summit in Johannesburg as he felt he “couldn’t sit with someone who justified the invasion of Iraq with a lie”. As he wrote in a Graun thinkpiece at the time of his withdrawal:

“The immorality of the United States and Great Britain’s decision to invade Iraq in 2003, premised on the lie that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, has destabilised and polarised the world to a greater extent than any other conflict in history.”

“If leaders may lie, then who should tell the truth?”

“Leadership and morality are indivisible. Good leaders are the custodians of morality. The question is not whether Saddam Hussein was good or bad or how many of his people he massacred. The point is that Mr Bush and Mr Blair should not have allowed themselves to stoop to his immoral level.”

A renowned politician did conspire
To lead us all into the mire
Of an illegal war
But depite the uproar
He’s now knighted as Sir Tony Bliar!

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2 thoughts on “Occasional Limericks Only #8”

  1. I do the YouGov surveys when they come around two or three times per week on matters of the moment (a pathetic hope of having some influence!) and they are interesting if only to see what others are thinking as the live comments are rated and updated. Yesterday there was one on the various New Year’s Honours List and it was notable that out of thousands of votes at the time, 96% thought that Blair should not have been given this title … the highest polar opinion I have ever seen on these surveys.

    Self-centred, vain-glorious and snide,
    (Deserving the ugliest bride).
    How Blair loves to gloat, oh
    But look at his photo –
    He rots from the very inside …

    I’m seldom so vicious, but this man is thoroughly shallow.


    1. Agree with every word. He was visiting the Marine Lab on the day that John Smith died and a colleague who witnessed first hand his actions on hearing the news was distinctly unimpressed by them. I’ll probably scribe something about that later.

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